Wealth system

So, then, how does the EABA wealth system work? I’m glad you asked…

Characters have three numbers related to their financial situation: Lifestyle, Savings, and Investments. Lifestyle and Investments are EABA “money levels”, which you can find translated into actual numbers on page 8 of the EABA Quickstart rules from BTRC’s EABAv2 Free Stuff page. Savings is a more abstract number along with a bunch of + or – marks.

The cost of items is also expressed as a “money level”. When buying things, you keep track of the money level for the cost of the most expensive thing you’ve bought in a given week.

If you buy another thing of the same cost level, add 2 to the number. If you buy something with a cost level 1 or 2 lower, add 1 to the number. If you buy something more than 2 levels cheaper, it’s completely ignored.

At the end of the week, if this number is greater than your Lifestyle, add a – (or remove a +) to your Savings for each point that it’s over. If this number is two or more less than your Lifestyle, add a + (or remove a -). If you have as many + or – marks as your Savings level, remove that many marks and adjust Savings by 1.

To get Investments, spend 1 Savings to get an Investment level of (original Savings – 24), +1 for each additional level of Savings spent. The final Investment level must be at least -12. Note that there’s not a whole lot of point to Investments unless you can afford to get them up to a level close to your Lifestyle – if you have Lifestyle -3 (350 Cr/week disposable income), then Investments -12 (15 Cr/week) isn’t going to be noticeable in this system.

That’s all very nice, but what actual numbers would you be looking at?

Well, that depends… I think that a base Lifestyle level of Lower Class (-6; 125 Cr/week disposable income) seems more cyberpunk-appropriate, but I suspect Middle Class (-3; 350 Cr/week) would be more popular. Either is fine with me.

Whichever is used as the baseline, starting Savings is (Lifestyle Level + 9 + half of your Smarts die type).

In addition to these starting numbers, Wealthy gives 3 points to improve on this and Filthy Rich gives 5 points. Each point can be spent for either +2 Lifestyle or +2 Savings. Those of you who aren’t rich can also move points between Lifestyle and Savings, trading a point of one for a point of the other, so long as you have an explanation why they’re not at the normal ratio.

Wealth system

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