Chicago Militia

The famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) Chicago militia and determined spirit of the people of Chicago is generally considered to have saved Chicago from conquest or destruction at the hands of NAC and GLU forces. Hastily formed during the Battle of Chicago in ’65 it regorganised after the nukes and went on to fight in the Second American civil war.

Now having slowly reformed into a modern day military it nevertheless is deeply rooted in the old days when it consisted of nothing more than citizens fighting for their homes. There are still today militias training in the different sectors of Chicago. Most of the times though these militias are made up of vets and old-timers refusing to be made into soldiers by the reformed Chicago militia leadership.

In Chicago it is a sign of great pride to have fought in the militia during the Battle or civil war and it is very common with discounts for militia vets.

The current headquarter of the militia is The O’Haire military sector were it is in charge of the military gear that once belonged to the U.S. military as well as the newer equipment the city has added itself.

Both Ryder Lewis and his father are members of the militia’s Little Italy chapter. While his father is a true and tried vet from the Battle Ryder was much to young to have fought in the wars.

Chicago Militia

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