Wealth System

Rather than tracking each decicredit, we are using a modified version of the EABA money rules.

Streamlined Version

The Streamlined Version is suitable for characters who do are living solely on job income or their savings. Characters who have job income, but are supplementing it with savings to live above their means, or characters who have investment income should use the Full Version instead.

In the Streamlined Version, characters’ Credit balances are replaced with the following two traits:

Lifestyle The character’s weekly disposable funds, which is 25% of their total weekly income or savings burn rate. This is an EABA money level.
Savings A loose representation of the amount of money the character has in the bank. This is a number of points, with each point worth roughly as much as the character’s weekly Lifestyle amount.

By default, characters begin with Lifestyle -3 (350 Cr/week). Starting money and initial purchases are handled as per RAW, then any leftover Credits are divided by the character’s weekly Lifestyle (rounding up) to determine their Savings.

To maintain the character’s Savings balance in play, total weekly expenditures are calculated by taking the cost level of the week’s most expensive purchase, then adding two for each other purchase at the same cost level and adding one for each other purchase at a cost level 1-2 lower than the most expensive item.

  • If this total is three or more less than the character’s Lifestyle, the character gains one point of Savings. (A character with Lifestyle -3 gains a point of Savings if their weekly expenditures are -6 or less.)
  • If this total is equal to the character’s Lifestyle or 1-2 points below their Lifestyle, their Savings are unaffected. (A character with Lifestyle -3 neither gains nor loses Savings if weekly expenditures are -5, -4, or -3.)
  • If this total is greater than the character’s Lifestyle, the difference is treated as an EABA quantity level and Savings are reduced by the corresponding quantity. (If a character with Lifestyle -3 has weekly expenditures of +4, they lose 11 Savings, because quantity level +7 is a quantity of x11.)

When doing this calculation, standard living expenses such as food, clothing, housing, and transportation are ignored. This is solely expenditures from disposable income.

Mission payouts add to Savings using essentially the reverse of the above Savings adjustments:

  • If the payout is less than the character’s Lifestyle, it has no effect on their Savings.
  • If the payout is equal to or greater than their Lifestyle, the difference is treated as a quantity level and their Savings is increased by the corresponding quantity.

Lifestyle Changes

Each time the character gains a Rank, their Lifestyle is increased by 1.

Any time a character’s Lifestyle changes, their Savings level is rescaled to match the new Lifestyle rating. e.g., When Lifestyle increases by 1, weekly income increases by a factor of 1.4, so Savings are divided by 1.4 to keep the value of their Savings roughly constant.

Living Above Your Means

A character may choose to live at a higher Lifestyle than their actual income would support. To do so, rescale Savings to match the desired Lifestyle and then spend 4 Savings per week to maintain that Lifestyle. Additional expenses and changes to Savings are calculated as described above, based on the character’s chosen Lifestyle, including the possibility of “gaining” a Savings point if discretionary purchases are avoided.

Full Version

In addition to Lifestyle and Savings, the Full Version also uses the following additional traits, all of which are EABA money levels:

Salary The total amount of money earned by the character each week by working at their day job.
Investments The total amount of money received by the character each week as passive income.
Income The higher of Salary or Investments. If Salary and Investments are equal, add 2. If they are within 1-2 points of each other, add 1.

In the Full Version, a character’s default Lifestyle is equal to (Income – 4) and, upon gaining a Rank, they get +1 Salary instead of +1 Lifestyle.

Investments are purchased through the expenditure of Savings points, with each Savings point purchasing Investments equal to (Lifestyle / 4,000) in Credits or (Lifestyle – 24) as an EABA money level.

Wealth System

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