Sunday, May 28, 2090

Top News

2090-05-22: Gangs clash on Lockport riverfront, leaving several injured and damaging abandoned office blocks
‘I dunno who it was, but they’ve got serious cojones to take on the Righteous Darkness with toy guns.’

2090-05-23: Hackers deface Republic of Cascadia cultural archives
Ambassador Jessica Stanley: ‘We will spare no expense to correct this unjustified assault on the true history of the human race.’

2090-05-23: Ceres Media releases new Hel: Holder of the Ice Diamond trailer
On June 23, four relic hunters will hope to solve the ultimate crime.

2090-05-24: Chicago Ice water shipments delayed by dockside fighting
Commodity markets showed a brief spike, but returned to normal within minutes as it became clear the tanker was in no danger

2090-05-24: Is Stopwatch melting down?
Anonymous source within Ravenlocke Securities claims that footage of the May 13 terrorist attack in Arlington Heights shows Stopwatch agents firing on each other

2090-05-25: Daring Gary Hellzone raid rescues Brasilian soldier from gang slavery
Lt. da Silva is reported to be in stable condition despite minor injuries suffered during her extraction

2090-05-25: Heavy fighting near Kenta Cyber Dynamics arcology
Kenta security forces and the South Side Storm Troopers are at it again

2090-05-25: Soyuztan station rocked by airlock expolosion
Security footage shows three men entering the airlock immediately prior to blast; all remain unidentified

2090-05-28: Chicagoland Stadium riot leaves 31 dead, over 200 injured
A tense match against Brasil‘s Palmeiras sparked violence over Chicago’s loss
Personal interest: Scott Trujillo was critically injured in the fighting

Selected Job Listings

2090-05-15: Negotiator required to close deal in Meissner area. 3,500 Cr. Contact Zack Moore.

2090-05-24: Help wanted to discourage undesirables from prototyping small aircraft in Coffin City. 5,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Roman.

2090-05-25: My client has just purchased a corporate jet which is now located in Boston and needs to be delivered to Chicago. 3,000 Cr. Contact Zack Moore.

2090-05-28: Confidential property has been stolen and must be destroyed along with the thief. Last seen in Allegheny Rad Zone. 20,000 Cr. NDA required. Contact Mark Woodard.

Private Contracts

2090-05-20: Ed Moore: Great work finding Jane and Lizzie, guys! Unfortunately, Chicago is getting a bit hot for them and our usual transport specialist is hung up in Minneapolis. I’ve been authorized to offer you another 7,500 Cr if you can get them up there.

2090-05-20: Melissa Lancaster for Almighty or Bullseye: My client would like to thank you once again for your help in getting Connie Acosta to safety and request your further assistance with a similar situation. You heard about the fire at the sim warehouse last week, I presume? My client has become aware of at least two survivors. They are prepared to pay 5,000 Cr to locate them and have them delivered to the same location as Ms. Acosta, plus an additional 1,000 Cr per additional survivor, to a maximum of 10,000 Cr.

2090-05-24: Wayne Myers: So far, so good – we think the Jericho Crusher has lost interest in the Righteous Darkness after the beatdown you gave them. Although they’re still holding out a few more days before officially calling that resolved, my client appreciates your methods and their effectveness enough that they’ve asked me to offer you 15k for a bodyguard gig in The Loop. You interested?

2090-05-26: Jack Evans for Almighty: Say, Ira… I hear you’ve been running around with some hot-shit hacker lately. Think you could get him to help with a little security work? Plans for a new high-density power supply were stolen last night in Toronto and I’m pretty sure they’ll be coming in through the Chinatown docks sometime Sunday, then run to one of the western gates on their way to Denver. I figure the best way to keep those plans out of NAC hands is to wipe the data store on the road without anyone noticing. Maybe make a backup copy on Englewood‘s servers, while you’re at it… You in? I figure I can spare about 10 grand to make it worth your friends’ while, plus another 20 if we get that “backup”.

Sunday, May 28, 2090

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