Scott Trujillo

A Stopwatch agent who gave Mal his field training back in New Singapore, including taking Mal along on a few actual missions.

May 11, 2090:

Mal met up with Scott Trujillo for lunch at Hell’s Pit, where they reminisced for a while about the time they spent working together in New Singapore. This inevitably led up to the final mission that Scott had brought Mal along on. They had gone to a video production studio to track down a rogue hacker, Lung Hou, who was believed to be behind some problematic AI aspects. Corporate security forces ambushed them on their way out of the studio and, in the ensuing firefight, Trujillo was badly wounded and Hou was believed to have been killed.

Trujillo has since left Stopwatch, but he found evidence last January that Lung Hou was still alive and had been working for Kenta Cyber Dynamics as a consultant on the Variable Racer Zephyr Gear project. He believes that Lung is currently in the Chicago area.

Thanking Scott for his information, Mal spent some time tracking down Lung’s location, ultimately finding a last known address in Burbank.

May 28, 2090:

Hospitalized due to critical injuries sustained in riots following Chicago’s loss to the Brasilian Palmeiras.

Scott Trujillo

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