Ryder Lewis

A blue plater trying to get by doing an honest days job


Ryder Lewis

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Charisma 0 Pace 6/d6 Parry 5 Toughness 6 (1) 5* XP (Novice)
Strain 9 Carry 6 SI Street Cred 4/4 5 SP

Human Male

Motivations: +Blue platers (We need to stick together) -Corporations (Toyota kicked me out and left me for dead just because I claimed my rights!) -Enemies of Chicago (My father and mother fought in the wars. Chicago Pride!)
Occupation: Bartender (Average income/lifestyle; Suit: D)

Fighting d6 Hacking d6 Notice d6 Persuasion d6
Shooting d6 Stealth d6 Streetwise d6 Taunt d4
Throwing d6
  • Good Street Cred
  • Luck 1 extra bennie per session
  • Debt (Major) Expensive (-2) Purchase each month to support his father
  • Code of Honor (Major) Was raised to work hard and do what's right. Don't complain and don't be an arsehole.
  • Shakes (Minor) Test Vigor after any failed Spirit check. On failure, suffer seizure for (15 – Spirit) rounds: -2 to all actions and Pace reduced to 3. Can medicate to prevent seizures for 500 Cr/month. Has suffered from shredded nerve endings and chronic pain since the accident because of the chem burn and bad cyberware replacements.
  • Loyal (Cybertrauma) Feeling like he's exchanging parts of himself for better performance and new abilities he overcompensates to be "more human"
Firewall: 4 AMS: 4 TAP Range: 6"
  • Cyberarm, Recoil Compensation (Gutterware, 2 Strain, reduce recoil penalties by 2)
  • Cybereyes, Enhanced Vision (Gutterware, 2 Strain, reduce Medium/Long range penalties by half)
  • Cybereyes, Flash Compensators (Gutterware, 1 Strain, gives +4 bonus to resist flash based attacks)
  • Cybereyes, IR/UV (Gutterware, 1 Strain, reduce lighting penalties by half against living targets)
  • Cybereyes, Night Vision (Gutterware, 1 Strain, ignore penalties for Dim or Dark lighting)
  • Subdermal Armor (Gutterware, 1 Strain, +1 Supplemental Armor to all locations)
  • Cyberlungs (Streetware, 1 Strain, internal 30-minute oxygen supply)
  • Ceramic Switchblade Knife (Str+d4; 1/4 SI; -2 to be Noticed if hidden)
  • Hostile Takeover HT-9 Holdout Pistol (2d6; AP 1; Range 2/4/8; ROF 1; 1 shots; 1/2 SI; Semi; Ammo: Standard)
  • Foley Arms Watchdog Pistol (2d6+1; AP 4; Range 3/5/10; ROF 1; 2 shots; 1 SI; T 10; Semi; Min Str d6; Ammo: Standard)
  • Ravenlocke P9D Personal Defense Weapon (2d6-1; Range 2/4/8; ROF 5; 5 shots; 1 SI; 3RB, Auto; Tactical Rails: TBLR; Targeting laser (B, +1 Shooting); Suppressor (-2 to Notice); Ammo: Standard)
  • Thrown Grenade (varies; Range 1/2/4; 1/2 SI; See Gear for types/effects)
  • Ravenlocke Patrol Armor (4 Armor; 4 SI; Covers T(4), AL, H(50% 1); Integrated Bio-Analysis holster and comms array with "Officer Down" bio-sensor uplink; shoulder-mount camcorder with uplink; weighted gloves (+1 Unarmed damage); Patrol Baton holster)
  • Ravenlocke Raid Balaklava (1 Armor; Covers H)
  • Ravenlocke Chameleon Cloak (0 Armor; 2 SI; -4 to be Noticed while stationary, -2 when moving; damaged and stops functioning if hit with a raise; unlicensed)
  • Ravenlocke Justified Response Assault Armor (6 Armor; 5 SI; Covers T(6), ALH; d6 Reactive Armor; integral Bio-Analysis holster; combat balaclava and multi-optic combat helmet with gas mask; full combat harness (increase Ready inventory to 8 SI); quick-release knife sheath; unlicensed)


  • 2 x Tear Gas grenade (unprotected people in gas cloud test Vigor each round with cumulative -1 per round in cloud; Shaken on failure)
  • 3 x Smoke grenade (blocks line of sight for d4+2 rounds)
  • 2 x Hot Smoke grenade (blocks line of sight for d4+2 rounds, including IR and UV)
  • 3 x Flashbang grenade (2d10 nonlethal damage; ignores Armor without flash and hearing protection)
  • 2 x BlasteX Gelnite charge (3d10, AP12, Heavy Weapon; unlicensed)
  • 2 x Detonator (Timed)
  • Vehicle: Temanda Iron Tornado motorcycle (Basic AI, Firewall-2, HyperTags, Accel 30, Top Speed 65 (225 mph), Range 450 miles, Handling normal (+0), Toughness 5 (2), Crew 1)
  • Category 3-C weapons permit (500 Cr/month)

Relation to the other characters
Ryder knows Bullseye from a while back when he occasionally worked for the Fire Departement in the Ukrainian Village clearing rubble from burned out or collapsed buildings. Bullseye has contacted him now and again whenever there’s a new building to clear. The relationship is professional and they know each other as hard and dependable workers but they are not friends.

Background story
Ryder was born on the third of january 2060, five years before the nukes would end the Battle for Chicago. He grew up as an only child in Little Italy. His father was a man believing in the old traditional values of hard work, honesty and patriotism. He spent his whole life building cars in the enormous Toyota Chicago factory while Ryder’s mother worked part-time as a waitress. From an early age Ryder was taught to take great pride in hard, honest work.

Ryder’s few memories before the war are warm and happy but the family suffered greatly in the Battle of Chicago and the second civil war. Both his parents fought in the Battle and his mother was declared MIA just before the nukes hit. His father did the best he could raising his son on his own but Ryder grew up competing for his father’s attention against the bitter memory of a beloved wife, resentment against NATO and a world that did nothing until it was too late and hate against NAC and GLU.

Naturally Ryder started working at the Toyota plant the year he turned 16 and he still remember the fierce pride he felt stepping onto the factory floor for the first time with his father.

So life continued as Ryder worked at every conceivable station in the vast plant but always moving sideways, never up. Still he never stopped believing that his hard work would someday pay off, even though he could see his once so strong father slowly being broken by the heavy industry.

All that changed one year ago when the accident happened – while trying to unstuck a jammed automatic gate Ryder got caught. His right arm was completely pulped and since the gate wasn’t shut properly the highly toxic chemicals used in the process destroyed his eyes and lungs.

In a highly unlikely chain of events Ryder was contacted by a pro bono lawyer named Lawrence Chaspian Phillip-Morris IX. With the help of the lawyer Toyota was forced to not only pay for Ryder’s cyberware replacements but also paid out a substantial insurance claim. However, after this, even as Ryder was getting ready to get back to work, Toyota made it very clear that he would never set foot in a factory in Chicago again.

Not knowing what to do Ryder floundered for a while, bought his old man, now retired, a nicer apartment and wondered what to do. That’s when he saw the add for Max Max crash course to become a freelance security agent. Having looked up to this Little Italy legend as a kid Ryder contacted Max and after investing a significant chunk of his insurance claim Ryder started his training .

[Interview begins subject Lewis, Ryder 1023-11-5464]
What’s your name and number?
Ryder Lewis 1023-11-5464

What’s your nickname?
Max told me I need a “street” name but it just seems silly. Many of the old timers call me Jimmy’s boy though.

How old are you?
I had my 30th birthday three months ago on the fourth of january 2090. I am starting to feel old heh he…Like I’m past my prime. Just waiting to die….

What is your height?
190 cm

Just under a hundred kilos – I try to keep fit and not eat to much junk.

Hair color (if any) and hairstyle?
Sandy brown. Kept short and neat.

Eye color?
My original eyes were brown. My cyb-eyes are a cheap flat blue.

Are you attractive, plain or homely?
I’ve been known to have a hand with the ladies though a lot of them seem to think I am too intense and lately I’ve just not felt like going out.

What’s your fashion sense like?
What’s with all these weird questions? I just wear what I’ve always worn. After I got….couldn’t work more I’ve started to wear my old plant coverall most days. It feels….safe…

Do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings or animal-like hybrid qualities?
What, no?! I am just…ordinary. I know people do all sorts of weird things to themselves but leave me out of it!

Do you have any obvious cybernetic, biological, or purely cosmetic upgrades or replacements? If so, why?
Well, because of the accident I told you about earlier my whole right arm is cybered. It’s a pretty cheap brand, the only one Toyota would pay for, so it’s pretty obvious it’s a replacement being covered in some sort of True-Skin rubber.

I also had to replace my eyes and lungs. Luckily Philip-Morris made them pay for a better lung than my other cyber. Wouldn’t be so fun if my lungs just stopped working after a hard fall y’know.

Also Max had me do some…modifications to my arm and eyes. To help with my new…job.

Where do you come from?
I’m a Chicago boy born and breed. Lived my whole life in Little Italy. Until recently.

Were you born, built, or vat grown?
100 % pure traditional human. We’re a rare breed these days it feels like. Don’t make ‘em like they used to with all the hybrids, sims, skinjobs and robots walking the streets, taking job from honest working men. Y’know what I’m saying?

Do you have parents?
My father, Jimmy, still lives. I just bought him a nice new apartment but I could hardly get the old bastard to move from his old one!

My mom died in the Battle…

Sib-lings? If so, what are they like?
No sir, and only child.

What were your formative years like?
Formative years? Come on, is this going to take any longer. I bet you a million dollars this isn’t getting me a job no matter how many questions you ask.

What sort do education do you have?
Stop it.

Are you literate?
Fuck you fucking machine!!

Did you go to a school, or were you taught at home? Did you have an AI tutor? Did you go to school at all? Were you programmed in a lab?
I bet you I could take you apart and put you back together so you make some sense….

Do I really have to sit here through all of this. Can’t you just help me get a job! A JOB! That’s all I want! Stupid robot….

Did you attend religious services?
Yep, every christmas at Old St. Patrick’s Church until it was bombed in ’67. After that not so much….

Have you received any specialized training?
I know everything there is to know about building Toyota cars and I know my way around tools and heavy machinery. Much good it does me now….

Ever serve in the military?
I started training with the Italy militia as soon as they let me. They were hard core during both the Battle and the war. Never backed an inch!

What’s your reality look like?
Ok enough of this shit!

[Subject Lewis, Ryder 1023-11-5464 leaves interview. Subject Lewis, Ryder 1023-11-5464 is automatically rejected from the program]

Ryder Lewis

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