Wednesday, May 3, 2090

Top News

2090-04-26: Lacroix Organizational Agencies to fund Emperor Pharmaceuticals expansion
Existing Downer’s Grove facility will nearly double in capacity

2090-04-26: Only six fatalities at North Aurora street festival
Sponsor Helios fielded own security forces to maintain order

2090-04-28: Holas Telecom spokesmodel Chica Cabral rebuffs Galaxy Entertainment International
“People see my face every time they make a call. Give that up to be just another Bollywood actress? No, seƱor!”

2090-04-29: Anti-android protests continue at Golden Promise Inc Huntley facility
Workers from nearby Central Belarusian Steel plant foil attempts by GPI security to break up protest

2090-04-29: Nortec Industries reports sim contentment 2.7% higher than competitors
Chimera responds “survey respondents were clearly programmed to be pro-Nortec”

2090-04-30: Oceania Rovers win suit to regain possession of salvaged Techno-Shogunate gunboats
Court finds that Rovers did not violate maritime law when defending themselves from attack by rogue commanders

2090-05-03: Overnight robbery at Kiwi Motors plant
Sources suggest thieves targeted R&D section

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-22: Contractors required to demolish personal data center. Occupant must not be harmed. 3,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-04-24: Distribute medical pharmaceuticals to factory workers. 1,500 Cr. Contact Melissa Lancaster.

2090-04-24: Recover design data from home network and erase original before it gets copied elsewhere. 3,000 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-04-24: Convince racer to give up his jumpbike and return home to his family. 3,500 Cr. Contact James Walker.

2090-04-27: Client will provide certain items. Arrange for them to be found in certain places. 2,500 Cr. Contact Bill Hammond.

2090-04-29: Lockport gangers shot my sister. Help me teach them a lesson. 4,000 Cr. Contact Marguerite Vaughn.

2090-04-30: Locate endangered hybrids. Last seen near Zion Forest Preserve. 2,500 Cr, possiblity of followup contract. Contact Edward Moore.

2090-05-01: Record and report on activities of subject on the west side. 2,000 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-05-02: Missing animal in Meissner area. 1,000 Cr reward, NDA for details. Contact Irene Gibbs.

Private Contracts

2090-04-26: An old friend from Chiba tells me that his office has been testing a custom vehicle in recent… unsanctioned… races. Unfortunately, it disappeared during last night’s race through Oak Forest. I told him of your skills and interests and he offered 3,000 Cr if you can locate and return it. (Almighty/Aiko)

2090-04-29: Investigate SetiBank connections to April 17 Gary Hellzone AI incident. (Mal/Stopwatch; Progress 0/5-5.)

2090-05-03: Hey, Bullseye! I’ve got a prototype power source that needs to be shipped out yesterday and the courier company flaked on me. Everything was good to go, then I mentioned it was experimental tech and they said they can’t take it. Against policy. They don’t want to risk getting caught up in any corp espionage incidents. Anyhow, there’s 2,500 Cr in it for you if you can get it out to Hampshire by tomorrow morning. Interested? (Bullseye/Gregor)

Wednesday, May 3, 2090

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