Weapon Licensing

For licensing purposes, weapons and armor are divided into five Categories (examples of items in each can be found at the bottom of the page):

Category 1: Unrestricted
Category 2: Civilian
Category 3: Paramilitary
Category 4: Military
Category 5: Restricted Military

A license for any Category automatically includes all lower Categories.

Licensing costs and requirements are determined per the following tables. Note that these tables are specific to the Free City of Chicago, which is relatively lax with its weapon licensing requirements due to the role of the Chicago Militia in the Second Civil War.

Category Price Level Licensing Requirements
1 n/a No license required
2 Cheap (+2) No license required for open carry. Base Fee is listed only for calculation of concealed carry permit costs.
3 Average Applicant must demonstrate the ability to use covered weapons safely and effectively, meaning a skill level of d8+, or d4+ with an appropriate specialization. Applicant must also demonstrate a “suitable need”, preferably backed by an employers’ statement. Veterans of the Chicago Militia generally find that the “suitable need” requirement is little more than a formality unless they have a criminal background.
4 Expensive (-2) Skill requirements are one die type higher than for Category 3 permits. Applicant must be actively employed by an accredited corporation and have employer sponsorship in all but exceptional cases. If a Category 4 permit holder’s employment is terminated, he may retain a Category 4-T permit while seeking new employment and it will be automatically restored to full Category 4 status upon receipt of a suitable new employer’s sponsorship.
5 Costly (-4) Skill requirements are two die types higher than for Category 3 permits. Applicant’s employment requirements are similar to Category 4, but Category 5 permits are only available to members of recognized military or mercenary units and applicant must have been a member of the unit for at least one year with a good conduct record. If a Category 5 permit holder’s employment is terminated, the permit is immediately downgraded to Category 4.

The Base Fee is the one-time cost of a general permit for that weapons category, allowing any item in that category to be openly carried in public. It may be modified by any number of options from the following table:

Class Purchase Mod Restrictions
C -1 Concealed carry permit. Covered items may be carried concealed in public.
P +1 Professional permit. Requires sponsorship by a recognized employer. Covered items may be carried in public while acting on behalf of sponsoring employer. Functions as a Class T permit when off-duty.
R + 1/+3 Restricted permit. Only applies to one specific item. Purchase Mod is +1 for the initial Class R permit in any given Category and +3 to add additional items to an existing Class R permit.
T +4 Transport permit. Covered items may be purchased for use on private property or as trade goods, but may not be carried in public unless they are unloaded, disassembled, and boxed up.

The Purchase Mod is an additional modifier applied directly to the Purchase roll, not an adjustment to the Price Level.


Category 1: Unrestricted

  • All basic muscle-powered weapons (melee, thrown, bows, etc.)
  • Nonlethal ranged weapons

Category 2: Civilian

  • Revolvers
  • Shotguns
  • Semi-automatic pistols and rifles
  • Non-lethal special ammunition types (gumball, gel, etc.)

Category 3: Paramilitary

  • Light automatic weapons (SMGs, assault rifles)
  • Gyroc weapons
  • Shock weapons
  • EMP weaponry
  • Non-explosive ammunition or grenades
  • Ceramic weapons (also permitted with a Category 2-C license)
  • Any body armor providing +6 to +9 Armor or with integral weaponry
  • Minimum category for weapons with AP 3 or higher
  • Minimum category for lethal special ammunition types
  • Minimum category for items tagged “Heavy Armor”
  • Smartlinks
  • Tactical strobes
  • Manual or VCI-controlled turrets

Category 4: Military

  • Automatic shotguns
  • Machine guns
  • Grenade and rocket launchers
  • Flamethrowers
  • Laser weapons
  • Most explosive weaponry and ammunition (any lethal AoE weaponry)
  • Minimum category for items tagged “Military” or “Heavy Weapon”
  • Any body armor providing +10 or more Armor, reactive armor, stealth/infiltration capabilities, or tagged “Heavy Armor”
  • Chameleon/LEN stealth coating
  • Nanite munitions
  • Flash suppressor/silencer (also permitted with Category 3-C license)
  • Autonomous turrets (may be transported as Class T under a Category 3 license)
  • ECM/ECCM systems

Category 5: Restricted Military

  • Combat golemmechs
  • Heavy military vehicles

Weapon Licensing

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