Wasp 1

Designed and used by Almighty.

A Dragonfly Microlight Vehicle equipped with a turret mounted AAK-94, and a flashlight with the strobe upgrade.

Version 1.1 will include improved optics, laser sight and Notice software.

Initial cost:
Dragonfly Microlight Vehicle: 3000 credits.
Turret: 2500 credits.
AAK-94: paid for separately.
Flashlight: 50 credits.
Strobe upgrade: 250 credits.
Drone transponder: 1000 credits.
Total: 6800 credits.

Upgrade pack 1:
Notice software d8: 800 credits.
Targeting laser: 250 credits.
Scope, Starlight/Nightvision: 750 credits.
Scope, 80x: 150 credits.
Silencer: 135 credits.
Total: 2085 credits.

Wasp 1

Interface Zero 1.5: Upgrade in Progress cwpalmqvist