Thursday, May 11, 2090

Top News

2090-05-06: Large-scale Crisis Team exercise in Midlothian area nearly sets off riots
Ravenlocke threatens lawsuit over Crisis Team failure to provide adequate advance notice

2090-05-07: Dani Owens, the Amethyst Comet, turns in her racing gloves
“Nariko disappeared last month, now my bike fails… It’s just getting too dangerous out there.”

2090-05-07: Health Group donates anti-carcinogenic patches to west side factory workers
Patches quickly discarded after they are discovered to be expired

2090-05-08: Top Kenta Cyber Dynamics programmer attacked in home
Escaped with only minor injuries, but all recent work was lost

2090-05-10: Infiltrators arrested with forged Kenta Cyber Dynamics internal memos
Memos claim Kenta planning covert assault on Chicago Penal Sector. Prisons placed on high alert.

2090-05-11: Consumers warned to avoid Dynamo pudding paste
Tubes of toxic pudding now reported at 17 Eat or Die! locations throughout Chicagoland

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-24: Recover design data from home network and erase original before it gets copied elsewhere. 4,500 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-04-29: Lockport gangers shot my sister. Help me teach them a lesson. 6,000 Cr. Contact Marguerite Vaughn.

2090-04-30: Locate endangered hybrids. Last seen near Zion Forest Preserve. 3,750 Cr, possiblity of followup contract. Contact Edward Moore.

2090-05-05: Destroyers of law, Evil in a gilded home. Light dispels shadow. 4,500 Cr. Contact Barbara Simon.

2090-05-06: Firebugs needed to burn Oak Lawn warehouse. Not for the faint of heart – all product must be destroyed. 10,000 Cr, NDA required. Contact Jennifer Freeman.

2090-05-07: Negotiator required for purchase of information from parties in Naperville regarding the location of a malcontent. 3,000 Cr, followup contract available. Contact Wayne Myers.

2090-05-10: We have need of tour guides/bodyguards to escort a group of visitors through The Loop and Gold Coast. 5,000 Cr. Contact Jerry Pfeifer.

2090-05-11: Deliver data files from Aurora area to secure offline facility in Waukegan. Speed is of the essence! 2,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Roman.

Private Contracts


Thursday, May 11, 2090

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