Sunday, May 21, 2090

Top News

2090-05-16: Waukegan burglary leaves 1 dead, 4 incarcerated
Intruders attempted to flee the scene while impersonating Ravenlocke officers

2090-05-18: Top Techno-Shogunate lawyer gunned down near Gold Coast home
Melters issue press release claiming responsibility and demanding that Japan renounce all Pacific salvage rights

2090-05-20: Eurasian Union princes of industry lack all nobility
Las Vegas performers were in Chicago to put on a show, but not the kind demanded by Aufklärungs-Gruppe investors

2090-05-20: Dominic Richardson names previously-unknown daughter Jenette as Nortec Industries heiress
Is she really his daughter or will Chicago’s top sim producer be overseen by a sim?

2090-05-21: Nearly 1,000 Eritrean refufees killed, thousands more injured by UAIR security forces
United Arab Islamic Republic officials claim the operation was conducted by rogue elements without official sanction

Selected Job Listings

2090-05-13: Burbank facility plagued by rats. Exterminator required. 7,500 Cr. Contact Donald Scott.

2090-05-14: Don’t you just hate nosy people? We do, and there’s one visiting The Loop who we find particularly troublesome. 3,500 Cr. Contact Jerry Davis.

2090-05-14: We have an operative in need of extraction from the Gary Hellzone. 10,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-05-15: Indepedent contractors sought to discourage transport of goods through Chinatown waterfront. 4,000 Cr. Contact Juana Wilson.

2090-05-15: Negotiator required to close deal in Meissner area. 3,500 Cr. Contact Zack Moore.

2090-05-19: Growing force in Lockport must be stopped! 6,000 Cr. Contact Wayne Myers.

Private Contracts

2090-05-20: Ed Moore: Great work finding Jane and Lizzie, guys! Unfortunately, Chicago is getting a bit hot for them and our usual transport specialist is hung up in Minneapolis. I’ve been authorized to offer you another 7,500 Cr if you can get them up there.

2090-05-20: Melissa Lancaster for Almighty or Bullseye: My client would like to thank you once again for your help in getting Connie Acosta to safety and request your further assistance with a similar situation. You heard about the fire at the sim warehouse last week, I presume? My client has become aware of at least two survivors. They are prepared to pay 5,000 Cr to locate them and have them delivered to the same location as Ms. Acosta, plus an additional 1,000 Cr per additional survivor, to a maximum of 10,000 Cr.

Sunday, May 21, 2090

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