In an effort to prevent a repeat of calamities like The Death, the major powers, with the exception of China and the Central African Union, sign the Treaty of New Singapore. This document approves the creation and funding of an independent global agency called International Surveillance, Investigation, and Monitoring Agency (ISIMA), dubbed Stopwatch due to its symbol, a clock set at five minutes to midnight. Many other nations of the world also accept its guiding principles. Taking
custody of its own network of killer satellites and developing paramilitary, medical, and intelligence branches, Stopwatch asserts and enforces its global right to intervene
to protect humanity from its own worse instincts.

Tier: 1
Progress: 1

Funding Influence Morale Security Tech
3/3 3/5 1/3 1/5 1/4

1. Ophelia-9


Interface Zero 1.5: Upgrade in Progress nDervish