Saturday, April 15, 2090

Top News

2090-04-08: Koreatown woman admits to having husband killed
“I said I missed him and he told me to hire a better sniper. So I did.”

2090-04-11: Loftan Chemicals seeks fountain of youth
Simulacra who have lived beyond termination date asked to volunteer for life-extension study

2090-04-13: West Side warehouse and tenement block burns, 30 dead
Testing of injured for signs of toxic smoke still ongoing

2090-04-15: Aquarius Engineering opens Arlington Heights distribution center
Premier NAC arms manufacturer braves rad-zone for easy access to the O’Hare Military Sector

2090-04-15: No TAP? Afraid of needles? The SAGE-IT project to watch!
World leader in accessible augmentation systems begins trials of revolutionary TAPsule™ oral nanotech

2090-04-15: Virtual angel is no Guardian
Mumbai-based Sanjan Tempe Warner Group promotes the release of Global Guardians 3: Nebulus Hungers with HR Angel™ avatarlets

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-09: Deliver supplies from north central Chicago to southwestern territory. 1,000 Cr. Contact Melissa Lancaster.

2090-04-09: Technicians needed for emergency firewall upgrade in the field. 2,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-04-10: Escort pilot for hostile acquisition of aircraft. 3,000 Cr, NDA required. Contact Marguerite Vaughn.

2090-04-10: The Gold Coast kidnapping. Target must be recovered alive. 5,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Roman.

2090-04-10: Damsel in distress requires escort into the Loop. 4,000 Cr, NDA required. Contact Melissa Lancaster.

2090-04-11: Make an example of two troublemakers. No fatalities, please. 2,000 Cr. Contact Juana Wilson.

2090-04-12: Operatives needed to bypass home security and duplicate certain data. 2,000 Cr. Contact Trina Smith.

2090-04-12: Discreet taxi and bodyguard to GYY (Gary International Airport). 1,500 Cr. Contact Jerry Davis.

Open Bounties

29,100 Cr: Connie Acosta. Wanted for hacking and data theft. Last seen in Koreatown.

17,250 Cr: Dennis Diaz. Wanted for extortion of Naperville residents. Warning: Target is known to be in possession of a combat golemmech.

8,400 Cr: Keith Reid. Wanted for detonation of explosive devices on Yorktown Shopping Center property.

3,900 Cr: Michael Davis. Wanted for breaking and entering at Yorktown Shopping Center.

3,650 Cr: Lowell Jenkins. Wanted for assault with a deadly weapon against Gold Coast residents.

1,900 Cr: Teri Carter. Wanted for destruction of property in Naperville.

1,350 Cr: Harry Payne. Wanted for creating a public nuisance in Naperville.

Saturday, April 15, 2090

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