Pneumatic Dart Rifle

Wasteland Traders Pneumatic Dart Rifle

  • Damage: 2d4+Poison, Snapfire
  • Ineffective against armor. Darts must hit an unarmored location or hit an armored location with a raise to have any effect.
  • For poison to take effect, at least 1 point of damage must get through any armor and the target must make a Vigor roll. On a failure, target suffers the full effect of the poison. On a basic success, the poison has half effect (if applicable). On a raise, it has no effect.
  • Range: 8/16/32m (1/3/5 zones)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (2 SI)
  • 12 shot magazine (150g / 0.25 SI)
  • Cost Level: +0 / Average ( +0), Rarity: Uncommon (1)
  • Permit: Category 2 (some poisons are Category 3 or higher)



  • Damage: 3d6 Fatigue
  • Cost Level: -8 / Cheap ( +2), Rarity: Uncommon (1)

Pneumatic Dart Rifle

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