Monday, May 15, 2090

Top News

2090-05-12: Dozens affected by TAP power surge near Third Life Innovations arcology
39 injured, 11 dead in vehicle crashes and resulting fires. Cause of power surge remains under investigation.

2090-05-12: Ravenlocke nips Lockport gang war in the bud
Eyewitnesses report that Righteous Darkness gang was opposed by trained security forces, not another gang

2090-05-12: Is holy ground no longer sacred?
Unidentified gang crosses Dan Ryan Expressway and is stopped by Black Rose Syndicate in battle at the Church of the Divine Assumption

2090-05-13: Anti-tank missiles fired in Arlington Heights dustup
Two confirmed dead in suspected terrorist attack

2090-05-14: Android activist Karma Shell injured near North Aurora Agrofac
Despite heavy damage, she is reported in stable condition and Golden Promise expects spare parts to be delivered tomorrow

2090-05-15: Nortec sim motel in Oak Lawn burned to the ground
Nortec inventory system suggests as many as 500 simulacra may have been in residence at the time

2090-05-15: Armed forces skirmish near West Side Jian Foods Group processing center
Attackers repelled with the assistance of forces from nearby Chimera arcology

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-24: Recover design data from home network and erase original before it gets copied elsewhere. 4,500 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-04-30: Locate endangered hybrids. Last seen near Zion Forest Preserve. 3,750 Cr, possiblity of followup contract. Contact Ed Moore.

2090-05-05: Destroyers of law, Evil in a gilded home. Light dispels shadow. 4,500 Cr. Contact Barbara Simon.

2090-05-10: We have need of tour guides/bodyguards to escort a group of visitors through The Loop and Gold Coast. 5,000 Cr. Contact Jerry Pfeifer.

2090-05-13: Burbank facility plagued by rats. Exterminator required. 7,500 Cr. Contact Donald Scott.

2090-05-14: Don’t you just hate nosy people? We do, and there’s one visiting The Loop who we find particularly troublesome. 3,500 Cr. Contact Jerry Davis.

2090-05-14: We have an operative in need of extraction from the Gary Hellzone. 10,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-05-15: Indepedent contractors sought to discourage transport of goods through Chinatown waterfront. 4,000 Cr. Contact Juana Wilson.

2090-05-15: Negotiator required to close deal in Meissner area. 3,500 Cr. Contact Zack Moore.

Private Contracts


Monday, May 15, 2090

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