Monday, April 24, 2090

Top News

2090-04-16: Vicious mutant dog escapes from Nova Personnel lab in New Texas
Locals: “It’s a cover-up! We have always known El Chupacabra stalked the desert!”

2090-04-16: Steel Wolves bounty trackers lost Connie Acosta’s track
Claim she was taken from under their noses by “a bunch of guys and a minotaur”

2090-04-17: Rogue attack AI aspect neutralized in Gary Hellzone
SetiBank denies involvement, despite presence of proprietary engrams

2090-04-18: Cathy Hubbard attacked at her Gold Coast home
Sister of GLU senator Philip Hubbard believes it was a kidnapping attempt

2090-04-20: Nanobot maggots will eat your brain in real-time!
Chimera announces new treatment for brain tumors

2090-04-22: Untari missionary assassinated near Gary International Airport
Missionary was returning to Central African Union when cab was shot down

2090-04-23: Ravenlocke Securities in aerial shootout with stolen plane
Thieves evaded two Ravenlocke craft, then crashed the stolen plane into Lake Michigan

2090-04-24: Sentinel Rock Corporation announces research on micro-concussion ammunition
Attempting to create a less-lethal round with all the stopping power of HEAP shells

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-11: Make an example of two troublemakers. No fatalities, please. 2,000 Cr. Contact Juana Wilson.

2090-04-21: Market research group seeking sim volunteers for survey. Will pay 10 Cr per referral. Contact Ruth Rhodes.

2090-04-22: Contractors required to demolish personal data center. Occupant must not be harmed. 3,000 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-04-24: Distribute medical pharmaceuticals to factory workers. 1,500 Cr. Contact Melissa Lancaster.

2090-04-24: Recover design data from home network and erase original before it gets copied elsewhere. 3,000 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-04-24: Convince racer to give up his jumpbike and return home to his family. 3,500 Cr. Contact James Walker.

Monday, April 24, 2090

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