Friday, May 5, 2090

Top News

2090-05-04: Overnight drone crash along I-90 near Hoffman Estates Livefac
Wreck stripped clean before Ravenlocke forces arrive, leaving few clues to its origin

2090-05-04: Good weather expected for Cinco de Mayo parade
Security forces promise heightened alert for possible violence during tomorrow’s celebrations

2090-05-05: Carmen the Toucan celebrates Cinco de Mayo at Galaxy Entertainment tower
Samba Motors Pirarucu SUV launch party draws estimated 6,500 fans for brisk first-day sales

2090-05-05: Chicago Ice announces renovation of Roseland treatment facility
“We aim to provide a superior professional environment for all Roseland employees, simulacrum and human alike.”

Selected Job Listings

2090-04-22: Contractors required to demolish personal data center. Occupant must not be harmed. 4,500 Cr. Contact Michelle Rogers.

2090-04-24: Distribute medical pharmaceuticals to factory workers. 2,250 Cr. Contact Melissa Lancaster.

2090-04-24: Recover design data from home network and erase original before it gets copied elsewhere. 4,500 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-04-24: Convince racer to give up his jumpbike and return home to his family. 5,000 Cr. Contact James Walker.

2090-04-27: Client will provide certain items. Arrange for them to be found in certain places. 3,750 Cr. Contact Bill Hammond.

2090-04-29: Lockport gangers shot my sister. Help me teach them a lesson. 6,000 Cr. Contact Marguerite Vaughn.

2090-04-30: Locate endangered hybrids. Last seen near Zion Forest Preserve. 3,750 Cr, possiblity of followup contract. Contact Edward Moore.

2090-05-01: Record and report on activities of subject on the west side. 3,000 Cr. Contact Stephen Stevens.

2090-05-05: Destroyers of law, Evil in a gilded home. Light dispels shadow. 4,500 Cr. Contact Barbara Simon.

Private Contracts

2090-04-26: An old friend from Chiba tells me that his office has been testing a custom vehicle in recent… unsanctioned… races. Unfortunately, it disappeared during last night’s race through Oak Forest. I told him of your skills and interests and he offered 3,000 Cr if you can locate and return it. (Almighty/Aiko)

2090-04-29: Investigate SetiBank connections to April 17 Gary Hellzone AI incident. (Mal/Stopwatch; Progress 2/5-3)

Friday, May 5, 2090

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