Equipment Changes


Rather than using the armor weights in the published equipment lists, armor has a base weight of 1 SI per point of Armor for full-body protection. This is reduced by 25% for leaving Arms or Legs unprotected, or by 50% for Torso-only armor.

Primary armor may provide a maximum of 6 Armor, while Supplemental armor may provide a maximum of 2 Armor.

Any Primary armor may include an open helmet providing a 50% chance of giving the same protection to the Head as to the Torso. Primary armor which covers all three of Torso, Arms, and Legs may instead include a closed helmet which gives the Head the same armor as the lowest of the Torso, Arms, or Legs armor rating 100% of the time; closed helmets either increase the weight of the armor by 1 SI or impose a -2 to all Notice rolls. Supplemental armor may not include a helmet and provides no Head protection.

Open helmets may also be acquired independently of body armor, weighing 1/4 SI for 1 Armor, 1/2 SI for 2-3 Armor, or 1 SI for 4-6 Armor.

Certain types of armor may have additional weight beyond the base weight calculated above depending on any accessories built into the armor.

Armor Piercing Ammunition

The effects of AP ammo are modified to +2 AP per die of weapon damage and the -1 damage per die is applied to all targets. The extra damage die for hitting with a raise is also affected by these modifiers.

Gyroc Weapons

Gyroc weapons do not have a blast template when using standard ammunition. This is for two reasons:

  1. I think it makes them too powerful. In Savage Worlds Deluxe, area effect attacks completely ignore non-sealed armor. Even if your armor is sealed, they hit against the weakest area without imposing called-shot penalties. This is a change from Explorer Edition which I suspect may have been overlooked.
  2. The Interface Zero materials make a big deal about gyroc pistols being the standard weapon of most security guards. If they have a Small Burst Template, that means every shot will destroy any valuable equipment within a 3-meter radius of where it hits, possibly also blowing holes in walls/floors/ceilings. If your guards are there to minimize losses to the company, that’s highly counterproductive. And don’t even think about using one on an intruder who’s holding your head researcher hostage…

Alternative gyroc ammunition types:

  • Explosive: Damage is reduced one die type and AP is lost. Gains Small Burst Template.
  • Gumball: As 10G Gumball rounds (equipment chapter p.22)
  • Inferno: 2d6 fire damage in Small Burst Template. Flammable targets catch fire on 4+ on d6 (see SWD 88).
  • Tazer: Damage reduced one die type. If damage penetrates armor, target must test Vigor at -2 or be shaken.

Tactical Strobes

The equipment chapter entry on tactical strobes is vague on several details. To fill in the gaps:

  • The strobe affects one individual plus one group in the user’s zone and one additional group in an adjacent zone. (With non-abstract positioning, use a flamethrower template. Center the arc on your current target and project the arc out to 20".)
  • Strobes have no effect at all in good lighting situations.
  • Activating or deactivating a strobe is a free action.
  • While your strobe is active, you can only shoot at affected targets. Even if your weapon range is longer, you have a hard time making out targets in the darkness beyond the strobed area.
  • In the first round of strobe activation, affected characters must test Spirit or be Shaken, with +2 on the roll if they have flash compensators or in Dim lighting. Characters entering the area while the strobe is active or characters who are already being strobed from another source are not subject to this effect. This effect is also negated if any other strobes were in use at the beginning of the round. To repeat this effect within a single encounter, all active strobes must be turned off for at least one full round.
  • While being strobed, targets suffer -2 on rolls to unshake and attacks against the source of the strobe are at -1 to hit in Dim lighting or -2 in Dark or Pitch Darkness. Targets with flash compensators ignore these effects entirely.

Equipment Changes

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