Englewood Dynamics

A rapidly growing boutique security consultant, they operate drones on highly sensitive missions for various corporations.

Trappings: military contractor.

Tier: 1
Progress: 3

Funding Influence Morale Security Tech
1/4 3/4 4/4 5/4 4/4

1. Staff shortages
2. Collateral damage
3. Political stance

Known employees Title
Almighty Chairman of the Board
Jack Evans Chief Executive Officer
Christine Jones Chief Financial Officer
Erica Mack Chief Operations Officer
Sophie Guzman Chief Technical Officer
Mona Warner Chief Information Officer
Ashley Payne Chief Legal Officer
Ana Mendez Chief Security Officer
Emma Wells Chief Communications Officer
Eleanor Higgins Chief HR Officer
Alma Malone Chief Marketing Officer
Known clients
Great Lakes Union
Amalgamated Ballistics

Englewood Dynamics

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