Character Creation

New characters start at the “Street Soldiers” power level, with 10,000 Cr in augments and 10,000 Cr in other gear.

Start with Lifestyle -3 and one Savings mark per full 350 Cr remaining from your “other gear” funds. (If you take Rich or Filthy Rich (see below for restrictions), divide your leftover funds by the weekly equivalent income for your Lifestyle instead of by 350.)

Each character should select three Motivations to start with.

Do not calculate a maximum Strain rating. It is not used in the final release version of IZ2.0.

All characters may begin with up to a Category 3 or 3-C Weapons Permit if desired. Limited Category 4 permits may be available to characters with a relevant Edge or who take an extra Major Hindrance reflecting how they obtained legitimate access to high-end armaments. Any permit must be purchased at the Price Level as calculated on the Weapon Licensing page.


  • Glitched is not allowed. The final version of the IZ2.0 rules don’t involve spending GM bennies to cause malfunctions, so its effects do not apply.
  • Additional Hindrances from the Hostile Takeover supplement: Compassionate, Dependence
  • Additional Hindrances from the Zeeks Expanded supplement: Brimming with Power, Rapid Metabolism


  • If any existing player character has the Rich or Very Rich Edges, new characters may not start with them. Characters may not take Rich or Very Rich as Advances unless their newfound wealth is based on actual in-game events. Each of these edges increases the character’s Lifestyle by +4.
  • Power Surge, Rapid Recovery, and Improved Rapid Recovery only affect Fatigue Levels resulting from psionic exertion, not from other sources.
  • Two-Fisted does not apply to Hacking activities, but there is a new Edge, Multitasking, which allows two Hacking attempts to be made with no Multi-Action Penalty. The requirement for Multitasking is Smarts d8 rather than Agility d8.
  • Engram Specialist and Engram Master Edges are not allowed due to the Hacking Final rules making engrams non-skill-based.
  • Additional Edges from the Boston supplement: Run and Gun
  • Additional Edges from the Hostile Takeover supplement: Trust-Fund Baby (and Improved), Disposable Identity, Fire-Team Drill, Non-Lethal Takedown (and Improved), Inspirational Speech (change Management Material requirement to Command), Master Planner, Hound (requires active perception), Monstrous, Infiltrator, Social Engineer, Security Specialist, Street Rat
  • Additional Edges from the Road Rage supplement: Golden-Haired, Jumper, Sponsor. All other Edges in the supplement are available to jumpbike racers, but may not be useful that often in practice.
  • Additional Edges from the Zeeks Expanded supplement: Fortitude, Heuristic Technique, Psionic Mastery (and Improved/Total), Rote Power, The Sight. Also, all new Powers from this supplement are available.

Replacement Characters

If a player character dies or is retired, the replacement character starts at 0 XP, but will earn +2 XP per session until the character’s XP total catches up to the highest XP total of any of that player’s previous characters.

Character Creation

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