Bounty Board

Open Bounties

29,100 Cr: Connie Acosta. Wanted for hacking and data theft. Last seen in Koreatown.

17,250 Cr: Dennis Diaz. Wanted for extortion of Naperville residents. Warning: Target is known to be in possession of a combat golemmech.

15,000 Cr: Alice Wheeler. Wanted for vehicular manslaughter in Coffin City.

8,400 Cr: Keith Reid. Wanted for detonation of explosive devices on Yorktown Shopping Center property.

8,400 Cr: Ignacio Allen. Wanted for assaulting a security officer in Koreatown on 2090-04-21.

3,900 Cr: Michael Davis. Wanted for breaking and entering at Yorktown Shopping Center.

1,900 Cr: Teri Carter. Wanted for destruction of property in Naperville.

Resolved Bounties

1,350 Cr: Harry Payne. Wanted for creating a public nuisance in Naperville.

  • 2090-05-16: Cleared of charges

3,650 Cr: Lowell Jenkins. Wanted for assault with a deadly weapon against Gold Coast residents.

Bounty Board

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