Abstract Ammunition Tracking

Rather than counting each bullet individually, we are using the following abstract ammunition rules, based on Clint Black’s Modern Weapon Abstract Ammunition rules.

Ammunition Capacity

Each reloadable weapon receives a number of ammo tokens based on its magazine size:

1-10 rounds 1 ammo token
11-40 rounds 2 ammo tokens
41+ rounds 1 ammo token per 20 rounds, rounded up

“Extended magazine” variants of most weapons are available at +50% cost and weight. Increase the magazine size by 50% before calculating the number of ammo tokens held by an extended magazine weapon.

Non-reloadable, disposable, or explosive weapons, such as grenades and rockets, are tracked normally and do not use the abstract ammunition rules.

Ammunition Depletion

When making a Shooting attack, lose one ammo token if the unmodified Shooting die value falls within the Ammo Depletion Range from the table below.

Fire Mode Ammo Depletion Range
Single Shot 1
Double Tap 1-2
3-Round Burst 1-3
Automatic Fire 1-3, determined separately for each non-Wild die
Rapid Attack As Automatic Fire, but limited to no more than 2 shots per ammo token or 6 shots total, whichever is less

Ammunition Cost and Weight

When purchasing any firearm whose ammunition cost is listed as a price per 50 shots, an unlimited lifetime supply of Standard ammunition is included automatically.

Obtaining a lifetime supply of any other ammunition type requires a successful Purchase roll for that type of ammunition. To determine the effective Price Level for the Purchase roll, see below. Ammunition types listed in the equipment chapter as a cost per 50 rounds use the “Cost per 50” column and are not considered an “important” purchase. Ammunition types listed as a price per individual item (such as grenades or rockets) use the Individual Cost column and are considered an “important” purchase.

Price Level Cost per 50 Individual Cost
Cheap (+2) 100 n/a
Average 500 400
Expensive (-2) 2500 1,000
Costly (-4) >2500 2,500
Very Costly (-6) n/a >2,500

Any ammunition type can be purchased at one Price Level lower for a one-month unlimited supply or at two Price Levels lower for a single-mission unlimited supply. You may choose to purchase a shorter-term supply after making your Purchase roll.

In general, it requires one Significant Item to carry four ammo tokens or one full magazine, whichever is more, although certain types of ammunition may be lighter or heavier. Caseless ammunition, in particular, is half the weight of standard ammunition (2 ammo tokens = 1/4 SI).

Abstract Ammunition Tracking

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