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  • Connie Acosta

    !>{height:400px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/e2/6b/63/e26b63f36036a2f6be079966de06df83.jpg! Has a bounty worth 29100 credits for data theft, seemingly from the [[NAC]] or a related faction. On the night of 2090-04-15 she was successfully …

  • Melissa Lancaster

    !{height:400px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/33/13/d0/3313d026f35567159503d3b3c2894a6b.jpg! A fixer. First employed the PC's to escort [[Connie Acosta]] on the night of April the 15th, 2090.

  • Jack Evans

    !>http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/8d/6e/6e/8d6e6e9b6f8391342038145734a8e6bb.jpg! Human 2.0 Corporate Executive Rich, Strong willed, Corporate mogul Arrogant, Secret, Pacifist, Nano infection (piloting) Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, …

  • Ruby Evans

    Manager of the important [[Westgate Hotel Bar]] and married to [[:jack-evans]]. !http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/c6/0c/94/c60c94aae08df059c20e4e3fd147c239.jpg!

  • Robert Franklin

    !>http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/d4/7d/1f/d47d1fa46c4c076e3c8c9f68cec17da5.jpg! Occupation: Corporate executive ([[Standard Water]]) Primary motivator: Order *Core traits* Emotional disposition: Melancholy Moodiness: Phlegmatic Outlook: …

  • Silvia Bell-Franklin

    !>http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/8c/04/df/8c04df1832acc9ad1101583d13095fd0.jpg! Occupation: Architect Primary motivator: Education *Core traits* Emotional disposition: Curious Moodiness: Even-tempered Outlook: Optimistic Integrity: …

  • Ann Franklin

    !>http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/4b/bd/fd/4bbdfd410cf881d4eeffe71a46df6d9b.jpg! Occupation: Student Primary motivator: Discovery/Adventure *Core traits* Emotional disposition: Calm Moodiness: Labile Outlook: Optimistic Integrity: …

  • Alan Franklin

    !>http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/c4/36/e8/c436e8e5fbd819d4399add23c2bdf73c.jpg! Occupation: Potter Primary motivator: Creation *Core traits* Emotional disposition: Joyful Moodiness: Labile Outlook: Optimistic Integrity: Conscientious …

  • Hunter Reynolds

    Hunter Reynolds, age 68 was born in New York. He came from a wealthy family of bankers, and was politically active from a young age. He became one of the youngest US senators in history, before moving to [[New Singapore]] as US Ambassador. Whilst …

  • Jayne

    Jayne (Jamie Armstrong) is a senior [[Stopwatch]] agent. Having been the only Stopwatch agent in [[Chicago]] for years, she knows the city inside out and has connections everywhere. With [[:mal]] now added to the Chicago branch, she intends to let him do …

  • Aiko Ishihara

    !http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/9c/ac/b1/9cacb1cdf269d07ec97c68b72c4b9eca.jpg! Human 2.0 Race queen Artistic expression, Personal career, Fame Attractive, Very attractive, Fame, Good street cred, Investigator Arrogant, Magnet, …

  • Iris

    Former alias of Kudara Nariko, who now goes by [[Chloris]].

  • Borealis

    An organizer of unsanctioned races in Chicago. Lives in [[The Loop]] and has a sim butler jokingly referred to as [[Alfred]]. Employed by [[Kenta Cyber Dynamics]]. Originally from [[Chiba]].

  • Cora Campbell

    !>http://www.vita-yang.com/2010/10/fashion-illustration-she.html! A freelance journalist and former lover of [[:almighty]]. She now considers him an enemy, and she counts as his. More details to come... Occupation: Freelance journalist Primary …

  • Scott Trujillo

    A [[Stopwatch]] agent who gave [[:mal]] his field training back in [[New Singapore]], including taking Mal along on a few actual missions. *May 11, 2090:* bq). [[:mal]] met up with [[Scott Trujillo]] for lunch at [[Hell's Pit BBQ Ribs | Hell's Pit …

  • Chloris

    !>{height: 300px}http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/254/b/2/b22c7126337b3982e91baf630348c659-d6lwjw1.jpg! One of the many names of a sim driver created about five years ago by [[Kenta Cyber Dynamics]] in Japan. Drives and loves the now rogue AI [[ …

  • Zephyrus

    The AI personality inhabiting the [[Variable Racer Zephyr Gear]].

  • Boreale

    Temko Tetsuyuki. Employee of [[Kenta Cyber Dynamics]]. Hired PCs through [[Aiko Ishihara]] to recover the [[Variable Racer Zephyr Gear]] and its rider, [[Iris]].

  • Orunmila


  • Lung Hou

    *May 11, 2090:* bq). [[:mal]] met up with [[Scott Trujillo]] for lunch at [[Hell's Pit BBQ Ribs | Hell's Pit]], where they reminisced for a while about the time they spent working together in [[New Singapore]]. This inevitably led up to the final …

  • Characters

    |PC|Status|Family|Contact 1|Contact 2| |[[:almighty]]|Active|[[Franklin family]]|[[Jack Evans]]|[[Aiko Ishihara]]| |[[:mal]]|Active|[[Reynolds family]]|[[Hunter Reynolds]]|[[Jayne]]| |[[:bullseye]]|Active||[[Clint]]|| |[[:ghost]]|Active|None||| …

  • Christine Jones

    CFO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/7f/17/f7/7f17f74ce3af78c1b81f8405cbf1cb86.jpg!

  • Erica Mack

    COO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/a2/1d/26/a21d2657f556b91d06b21494b57d6b10.jpg!

  • Mona Warner

    CIO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/14/3e/64/143e64484b1fac8ce659a3773d20de49.jpg!

  • Ashley Payne

    CLO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/a4/40/52/a440526f3c9de78645764e02db529939.jpg!

  • Eleanor Higgins

    CHRO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/57/e8/72/57e8722495cb2edd87cd743d3855d3e4.jpg!

  • Alma Malone

    CMO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/14/71/77/1471770467b1da85f7cf7df7682763aa.jpg!

  • Emma Wells

    CCO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/b2/50/66/b25066a92f7b62ac30c3bf91e8bec43f.jpg!

  • Sophie Guzman

    CTO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/06/b0/60/06b060af7a6c947cc582cde44edfb759.jpg!

  • Ana Mendez

    CSO at [[Englewood Dynamics]] !{height:500px}http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/97/bc/f7/97bcf79c5faf7fcd96a0de6aa60d7b95.jpg!

  • Jericho Crusher

    "An artist in flame and shockwaves!" - [[Strawberry]] Jericho is an android demolitions expert who loves to cause trouble. Originally from Japan, he's now in Chicago. According to rumours he was taking an interest in the [[Lockport]] gangers [[ …

  • Ernest Franklin

    An uncle of [[:almighty]]'s, Ernest is quite the character. Many in the [[Franklin family]] have difficulties with commitment in relationships, and don't feel too strongly about monogamy, but most at least try to keep up a front and avoid scandals. Not so …