Sim with a hearth of gold



Agility d6 Smarts d4 Spirit d10 Strength d8 Vigor d6
Charisma 6* Pace 6/d6 Parry 7 Toughness 5 9 XP (Novice)
Strain 7 Carry 8 SI Street Cred 2/2

Soldier-Type Simulacrum Female, 3

Motivations: +Social Justice +Communism -Corporations
Occupation: Escort (Average income/lifestyle; Suit: C)

Lifestyle: -3 Investments: - Savings: 8
Athletics d6 Driving d6 Fighting d10 Notice d6
Persuasion d10 Stealth d6 Streetwise d6
  • Fighter Fighting d6
  • Very Attractve +4 Charisma (includes Attractive)
  • Bedroom Eyes Spend a bennie for automatic Persuasion success (or to increase a success to a raise) against someone who might reasonably find her attractive
  • Borrowed Time (Racial) Major; draw for joker twice at start of session
  • Stigma (Racial) Outsider Hindrance when acting outside of designated role as a soldier
  • Heroic (Major)
  • Enemy (Minor) Nortech Industries
  • Loyal (Minor)
Firewall: 4 AMS: 4 TAP Range: 4"
  • Gutterware Knowcomp (Gutterware, 1 Strain, Driving (Boards) d6)
  • Beautification Treatment (Streetware, 2 Strain, +2 Charisma)
  • Cyberarm Chemical Injector (Streetware, 1 Strain, holds 3 drug doses)
  • Knowcomp (Streetware, 1 Strain, Streetwise (Corporate))
  • Tailored Pheromones (Streetware, 2 Strain, +2 Charisma vs. organic sapients)
  • Dominatrix Pain Whip (-; 1 SI; Reach 3. No effect unless hits with a raise or called shot to unarmored location. On effective hit, roll 2d6 vs. opponent's Spirit to cause Slow (target redraws initiative cards higher than 10, except Joker) for d4 rounds.)
  • Monofiliament Butterfly Swords (Str+d6; AP 4; 2 SI; Paired swords (1 SI each). Heavy Weapon. Unlicensed.)
  • Executive Decision Entourage Suit (3 Armor; 3 SI; Covers TAL; Includes ballistic shades (3 Armor, 10% Head) and subvocal communications array. Styled as nice Chinese dress.)


  • Nakamura Motors "Kamikaze" Jump Board (Acc 30, Top Speed 60 (100 mph), Range 100 miles. Advanced JUMP system with 30' vertical jump. Poor handling (-1 to Driving rolls). VCI-Equipped. Toughness 3, crew 1 (350 lbs).)
  • Poisons: 7 doses knockout, 2 doses paralysis, 1 doses lethal
  • Category 3 weapons permit (melee weapons)

Ready 6 SI, Pack 6 SI

Official designation ("name"): Geisha combat model type 4B number 2000001

+2 Charisma vs. organics, -2 Charisma when acting outside of soldier role


Novice: Bedroom Eyes



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