00X - Licensed to Kill

Agility d8 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d6(d4) Vigor d6
Charisma +2 Pace 6/d6 Parry 2 Toughness 5 17 XP (Novice)
Firewall 4 Strain 5 Reputation 1 Street Cred 2/2 Cr

Human 2.0 Male, 34

Motivations: -AIs +Family -Untari
Occupation: Stopwatch Agent (Rich; Well-Off lifestyle, +2 to Purchase rolls)

Intimidation d6 Investigation d8 Notice d8 Persuasion d6
Shooting d8 Stealth d6 Streetwise d8 Driving d4
  • Human 2.0 d6 Agility; d6 Stealth
  • Attractive Racial; +2 Charisma
  • Superior Immune System Racial; +4 to resist disease
  • Rich Unspecified family obligations
  • Government Agent Equipment requisitions from Stopwatch with 1 SP per rank
  • Investigator +2 Investigation and Streetwise; +2 Notice to search through evidence
  • Arrogant (Racial)
  • Enemy (Minor) Paladin
  • Appointed Monitor (Major) Jayne (handler)
  • Cautious (Minor) I like my backup plans to have backup plans to their backup plans
  • Muscle Augmentation (Hyperchrome, 2 Strain, Strength +1 die type)
  • Cybereyes, Flash Compensator (Hyperchrome, 1 Strain, +4 vs. flash attacks)
  • Cybereyes, Infra/Ultra Optics (Hyperchrome, 1 Strain, reduce low light penalties by half)
  • Reinforced Skeleton (Hyperchrome, 1 Strain, increased carrying capacity)
  • Lawdog Versapistol* (2d6+1; AP 2; Range 3/7/13; ROF 3; 2×2 shots; 1 SI; 3RB; dual magazines, free action to switch; 25mm grenade launcher; SmartLink (d4); Ammo: 4 standard, 4 AP (2d6-1 damage, AP6))
  • Tarantula Hunting Rifle* (2d8+2; AP 2; Range 5/10/20; ROF 1; 1 shots; 2 SI; Snapfire; +2 Tactical Rails; Flash Suppressor/Silencer (-2 to Notice firing); 160x MultiOptic Scope; SmartLink (L, d4); Targeting Laser (B, +1 Shooting); Ammo: 2 standard)
  • BK-616* (2d8; AP 4; Range 4/8/16; ROF 4; 3 shots; 2 SI; 3RB, Auto; SmartLink (L, d4); Multi-Optic Targeting (T); Recoil Compensation (-1); Tactical Rails: BLR; BK-17 Grenade Launcher (B, see below); Caseless Ammo: 6 standard)
  • 25mm Underbarrel Grenade Launcher* (varies; Range 2/4/8; ROF 1; 5* shots; 1 SI; T 10; One on Lawdog (integral, single-shot), one on BK-616 (bottom rail, 5 shots); Ammo: 5 single flashbang (2d10 non-lethal, MBT), 5 single TAZ-25 (shock; Vigor at -2 or Shaken))
  • Sentinel Rock Retarius Net Launcher* (entangle; Range 0/1/2; ROF 1; 1* shots; 1 SI; 2 actions to load; Ammo: 2 single nets, 2 single shock nets (Vigor at -2 each round entangled or lose a Fatigue level; battery lasts 5 rounds))
  • Executive Decision Business Suit* (2 Armor; 2 SI; Covers TAL; 2 suits; concealed pistol holster)
  • Executive Decision Underarmor* (+1 Armor; 1 SI; Covers TAL; 2 sets)
  • Knight Errant Body Armor* (4 Armor; 4 SI; Covers T(4), ALH)
  • MythraMail Undersuit* (+1 Armor; 1 SI; Covers TALH)
  • Black Knight Kite Shield* (- Armor; 1 SI; Covers Side; +1 Parry; +2 Armor vs. ranged; free action to deploy or stow when attached to Knight Errant armor (TAP-activated))


  • Vehicle: Hood Ratz™ ‘DB’ Pick-up : Acc: 16 Top Speed: 49 (130 mph) Range: 300 miles Handling: Good (+1) Toughness 8 (2)
  • Category 3-C weapons permit (ranged weapons; 500 Cr/month)
  • Category 4-P weapons permit (Stopwatch-issued weapons; no cost)

Ready 9 SI, Pack 9 SI


Novice: Investigator
Novice: d8 Spirit
Novice: alternate identity


Malcolm ’’Mal’’ Reynolds (Codename: Serenity)

Favourite quote: ‘’First rule of battle, little one … don’t ever let them know where you are’’

I am Malcolm (Mal for friends) Reynolds. I am a Stopwatch agent on my first field assignment. Stopwatch kinda is the family business you could say. With my father and Cat (my sister) working there, it made sense for me to apply there too. Who doesn’t want to be a secret agent after all, right? Well, me to be honest… I applied for and got recruited as a desk analyst. I liked to live my steady and somewhat predictable but mostly safe life.

My father, former US senator Hunter Reynolds was a first generation Stopwatch Agent. He now roams the country as a keynote speaker for Universities – Congloms – Conventions and what not. I suspect he has not given up entirely on his Stopwatch career either though I have no indications towars it.

My mother died a few years back from a nasty car crash when her AI-driven car for unexplained reasons crashed into an upcoming bus.

I had one sister, Cat (short for Catherine), who was 2 years my elder. She worked for Stopwatch but failed to return from a classified mission about 12 years ago. From what I have been able to get out of my father, she went MIA during a highly sensitive mission in the NAC. Stopwatch has no clue what exactly went down, but she is presumed dead though there is no proof one way or the other. I have always been desk agent, staying my whole life in the same place close to home (New Singapore). It made sense for me to adopt Sarah, my Cat’s daughter, when Cat went missing. It took us a while to get used to each other, but I consider her to be my own daughter now, and I would do anything for her.

It all went great until 13 months ago at age 17, my niece mysteriously disappeared. After some initial investigation, the trail dead-ended here in Chicago. I asked and was granted a transfer to Chicago and I went trough a thorough training to become a field agent. My assignment: keeping an eye on the not so legal and not so publicly known projects and transactions of the mega congloms in the free city of Chicago. I was fitted with some enhancements to make me more suited for my new role, and I was put in contact with Jayne, my handler. She gave me the fixer 101 crash course and set me out on the job.

Before my arrival, Stopwatch only had a token presence in Chicago, in the form of Jayne, my handler and appointed monitor to whom I have to report biweekly. As Chicago has been rebuilt after the nuke attacks, Stopwatch was quite keen to re-establish a more significant presence in Chicago.

I hope to be able to pick up the trail of Sarah and to find her alive and well, or to otherwise get my hands on those responsible for bringing any harm to her. To aid me in my search, my father has set up a trust fund worth 100k cr to be paid out to whomever brings me the news that will lead me to Sarah, or to whomever has harmed her should that be the case.

My contacts:

  • Handler at Stopwatch, Codename Jayne: she is my direct superior and we get along fine as long as my reports come in on time. she sometimes is able to help me get my hands on items I would otherwise have no access to, though she usually ends up taking more then her fair share of the profits in such cases.
  • My father: Hunter Reynolds. Former senator and ‘’self proclaimed retired’’ Stopwatch agent. He currently travels the globe and further as a Keynote speaker. He is filthy rich, but does believe strongly that everyone and foremost his children should make their own way in life.

My motivations:

- Politicians
- Untari religion
+ family


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