Mysterious Android of many names.



Agility d4 Smarts d12+2(12) Spirit d6 Strength d4 Vigor d6
Charisma -2 Pace 6/d6 Parry 4 Toughness 7 (2) 5 XP (Novice)
Strain 5 Carry 4 SI Street Cred 2/2

Android Male

Motivations: +Android rights +Techno-progressivism -High lifestyle

Lifestyle: -3 Investments: - Savings: 5
Fighting d4 Hacking d10 Hyper Combat d4 Investigation d8
Knowledge (Programming) d10 Notice d8 Repair d4 Shooting d4
Throwing d4
  • Construct (Racial) +2 to recover from Shaken; no Wound penalties; immune to poison/disease; doesn't heal – must be Repaired
  • Dual Processors (Racial) d6 Smarts
  • Metallic Alloy +2 Supplemental Armor
  • Primary Protocol d6 Hacking
  • Alternate Identity
  • Disposable Identity
  • EMP Vulnerability (Racial) Full damage from EMP weapons
  • Metal Brain (Racial) Can't take AB (Psionics)
  • Outsider (Racial) -2 Charisma towards organics
  • Recharge (Racial) Needs power daily or gain one Fatigue level per day
  • Unnatural (Racial) -2 to be affected by psionics, with the exception of damaging powers
  • Cautious (Minor)
  • Loyal (Minor)
  • Off the Grid (Major)
  • Secret (Minor) Not really a free android
Firewall: 5 AMS: 7 TAP Range: 24"
  • Expert Sprite (4 AMS, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Vigor d4; Hacking d6, Investigation d6; Firewall 4; Toughness 4; Pace 6/d6; Stealth Module (4), +2 Hacking (Firewall Penetration), +2 Investigation)
  • Skill Bonus: Hacking (2 AMS, +2 to skill rolls)
  • Skill Bonus: Investigation (2 AMS, +2 to skill rolls)
  • Skill Bonus: Notice (2 AMS, +2 to skill rolls)
  • Stealth Module (4 AMS, -4 to be Noticed)
  • T-APP Babylon (1 AMS, Smarts roll to understand unknown languages)
  • T-APP Multitasker (1 AMS, -1 to Multi-Action Penalties)
  • Advanced Enhanced Neural Net (Streetware, 3 Strain, Smarts +2 die steps)
  • Cyberarm: Drone Hand (Streetware, 1 Strain, See "Gear")
  • Cyberarm: Gecko Hands (Streetware, 1 Strain, Wall Walker: Move up vertical surfaces at normal Pace)
  • Electrops (2d6 + Shock; AP 2; Range Dropped; 1 shots; Covers MBT; see OP for full details SI)
  • Ravenlocke Stun Gloves (Str + Shock; 0.25 SI)
  • Tear Gas Grenade (Gas; Range 3/6/12; 0.25 SI; Fills MBT)
  • Flashbang Grenade (2d10 NL; AP 3/6/12; 0.25 shots; MBT SI)
  • Smoke Grenade (Smoke; AP 3/6/12; 0.25 shots; Fills MBT SI)
  • DynaMight (2d8; 0.25 SI; MBT; Heavy Weapon; Detonator: BC/LA/Me/Pr/Ra/T/FW; additional charges add +1 damage and +1" blast radius; unlicensed)
  • Enkidu Tazer Pistol (Shock; Range 6/12/24; ROF 1; 12 shots; 0.5 SI; 0.25 SI magazine; doesn't penetrate armor; Vigor at -2 or Shaken)
  • BKI Ghost Suit (2 Armor; 3 SI; Covers All; -4 to be Noticed/hit; +2 Stealth; hit with raise disables stealth system until repaired)


  • Tool Kit (Basic repair tools, 1 SI)
  • Grapple Gun (20m rope, 1 SI)
  • Drone Hand (Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d6; Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Lockpicking d6, Notice d4, Stealth d8; Pace 4/d4; Parry 6; Toughness 3; Alertness (+2 Notice); Construct; EMP Vulnerability; Size -2; Small (-2 to be hit); Video Uplink (14 mile range, requires an action to monitor))
  • Micron (Vehicle: Airbags, 1 seat; Acc 4, T/S 22 (60 mph), range: 90 miles; handling: poor (-1); toughness 4 (0); crew 1; 1 cu ft storage space)


Novice: Notice d8/Investigate d8


Physical Desciption
Height: 5’ 6’’ (165cm)
Weight: -Appropriate for his height as an android
‘Eye’ Colour: Green
Distinguising features:
He often uses stencils and paint to create designs on his shell, a bit like tatoos, these vary relativley often, as its easy to change. Sometimes its a statement, sometimes its to help fit in with a particular ID he has faked at the time.
He is relativley sleek in design, but fairly standard, two ‘eyes’ and so forth.

Ghost (though that isnt his production name) is around 4 years old (though he only ‘woke up’ 8 months ago, he was developed in Chiba by a Japanese company, – Insert name here -. He quickly came to realise that he wasnt particularly interested in staying a slave there and started to plan his escape.
After 2 months of being awake, preparing programs and stealing a few supplies he managed to hack the companies mainframe, delete all records of himself (and probably a few other things besides) and overload some machinery, causing a fire which he used to cover his escape.
He then sneaked aboard the first flight out of japan he could reach a few weeks later (possibly a smuggling operation or the like) he ended up in the Chicago area, where he lay low for about a month.
Calling himself Ghost (though many dont know him by that name) he has since managed to amass more resources through his considerable hacking skills.
He is highly reclusive and doesnt like telling people about his background. He has a repuation for being difficult to reach as he has a habit of using different IDs from job to job, or to make most of his purchases.
Ghost dislikes rushing into situations unprepared, and will when possible spend at least a day or more preparing for a job.
Ghost is highly sympathetic with many oppressed or mistreated groups, especially androids/bioroids, and can be outspoken about issues of slavery/equality when the subject arises.
However he doesnt beleive in violent action, and would prefer to talk through such issues logically rather than fight over it.
He prefers non-lethal combat methods such as shock weapons or simply bypassing combat through stealth or misdirection, partly because he doesnt consider himself a very proficient combatant, and partly because he wants to show that an android isnt neccesarily an emotionless killer.


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