Agility d4 Smarts d4 Spirit d8 Strength d10 Vigor d8
Charisma -2 Pace 6/d6 Parry 8 Toughness 12(2) 14 XP (Novice)
Strain 5 Carry 20 SI Street Cred 2/2 3 SP

Bull Hybrid Male

Motivations: -Bioconservatism +Frugality +Techno-progressivism
Occupation: Fireman / Disaster Responder (Poor; Modest lifestyle; Suit: D)

Athletics d6 Fighting d12 Intimidation d10 Notice d4
  • Tough Hybrid +1 Toughness; Agility costs double at chargen; start with d6 Vigor
  • Brawny +1 Toughness; increased carrying capacity
  • Upsized +1 Size/Toughness; -2 Charisma; +2 Intimidate vs. smaller, squishier people; increased carrying capacity; takes two seats in enclosed vehicle; -1 Wealth level; can use two-handed weapons one-handed; -2 to use normal-sized items, if possible at all; Agility roll to get through tight spaces
  • Elan +2 on a Trait roll if spending a bennie
  • Berserk Smarts roll or go Berserk when Wounded. When Berserk: -2 Parry, +2 Fighting, Strength, and melee damage rolls, +2 Toughness, ignore Wound penalties, use Innocent Bystander rules in melee; spend a full action and roll Smarts at -2 to calm down
  • All Thumbs (Minor)
  • Code of Honor (Major)
  • Loyal (Minor)
Firewall: 4 AMS: 4 TAP Range: 4"
  • Subdermal Armor, Advanced (Streetware, 2 Strain, +2 Supplemental Armor to all locations)
  • Bone Reinforcement (Streetware, 2 Strain, +1 Toughness)
  • KnowComp (Streetware, 1 Strain, Athletics d6)
  • Kodiak Blasthammer (Str+d6; 2* shots; 3 SI; Double-barrel shotgun blast on hit with raise; must be hand-loaded after triggering; critical failure misfires and damages the chamber; Ammo: 12g buckshot (1-3d6))
  • Foley Arms Watchdog Pistol (2d8; AP 2; Range 3/5/10; ROF 1; 2 shots; 1 SI; Semi; Min Str d6; Ammo: Standard)
  • Beachhead First Responder Armor (4 Armor; 4 SI; Covers TALH; Integral BioAnalysis holster and comms array with "Officer Down" biosensor uplink; multi-optics helmet; shoulder-mount camcorder with uplink)


  • Category 3 weapons permit (100 Cr/month)


Novice: Elan, Berserk



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